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Our story

London Borough of Barnet has the largest population of all the boroughs in London, 400,000, and growing. It is ethnically diverse, with 39.5% from the BAME community.



Barnet is considered an affluent area and while there are some areas of extreme wealth this is not true for the majority. 35% of Barnet’s children live in poverty with the highest rates in the wards of Colindale and Burnt Oak at 49.79% and 40.51% respectively.



Barnet Giving is a grants fund initiative, a local giving scheme for local people to give time, skills and money in support of local causes. It brings together local people, communities, charities, and businesses to help themselves and use life experiences to make things better for their neighbourhoods and communities.


Barnet Giving was established in 2016 and run in partnership between two voluntary and community sector organisations – CommUNITY Barnet and Inclusion Barnet.

Barnet Giving gave out a number of grants, details can be found under Grant Giving


In the latter part of 2018, a review of Barnet Giving was sought. It was agreed Barnet Giving would be made an independent charity. 

Barnet Giving sought independent status after a series of consultations with stakeholders across both the Public and Private sectors. The work then began to acquire an independent status. 

The Charity Commission approved the application in March 2020 and we are looking forward to building a borough-wide giving scheme to support local organisations and residents.